Buffl is an app that can be used in a design thinking process. It allows you to quickly ask a young community their opinion and you’ll get an answer within a few days. We tried an app that allows the user to swipe Tinder-wise through content such as videos, audio, articles from different sources such as VRT Nu, Netflix, StuBru,… Based on the previews you can choose to save the content for later or swipe it away. 


  • At the moment of testing there were approximately 300 users in the app. Within a week we collected about 170 responses
  • Since Buffl is still a start-up some of the functionalities weren’t 100% functional. For instance: at the moment the app didn’t allow you to select multiple answers in a multiple choice question
  • But all in all we had a very positive experience:
    • Buffl managed to quickly build a vast and young audience: 77% are younger than 30 years old, 64% is younger than 25 years old, 50-50% man-woman audience, 65% are students
    • The dashboard is very intuitive but it still needs some refining. 

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