VR Meetup with BE.VR

After a series of meetups in and around Brussels, the people of impulse.brussels are inviting their community for a new VR Meetup at VRT. We are happy to host this event at VRT Sandbox with both local creatives and entrepreneurs as people from the broadcast industry. 

Challenge of this meetup is VR as a social platform. How can we go beyond the solitary film or gaming experience and add multiple viewers and interactivity? 

Talks by

- Juan Bossicard (BE.VR)

- Veerle Devreese ( BrakkegrondCornelis-ServeertDoclab)

- Andrew Curtis (Superlink Labs)

- Wouter Van Hauwermeiren (POW 3D Design) and Arne Lievens (VRT)

-  Nick Trogh (Hololens)


Demos by

- POW 3D Design

- Fabien Benetou 



Curious Craft