Sharing expertise, innovating together

VRT Sandbox works for and with its partners. They could be external partners and companies working in media innovation, but also internal workforces and colleagues within the VRT. It is essential to find the best trade-off for both parties to create a meaningful project that can help, develop and enable a growth in innovation for both partners.


The learnings and knowhow are sharedin a round-up meeting. The project insights are demonstrated by the partners at our Creative Circle events. Find out more info about our events here!

Creative Circle IV

Creative Circle IV

Danish Innovation Tour

Danish Innovation Tour

Workshop on investigative journalism by the Bellingcat initiative

Workshop on investigative journalism by the Bellingcat initiative

Our ongoing collaborations


Description: The Digital Production Hub For Creatives Project: Optimizing the workflow of television production teams such as Loslopend Wild

LiveIP project

Description: award winning project pionering in Live IP television technology Project: Innovation to the floor: supporting the broadcast of the summer show for European Championship.


Pow3D Design

Description: Innovative design studio focusing on virtual reality and 3D environments. Project: Building a 360° web videoplayer for the television program "" that allows visitors to look into the houses and interact with content.


Description: Europe's premium platform for Virtual Reality. Project: Getting knowhow and insights when utilizing VR for broadcasters.


Description: DOOHapps is the world’s first interactive application store for the digital-out-of-home and retail industry. Project: Receiving news and weather updates at shops and restaurants.


Description: The next generation of video commerce. Project: Object recognition and interaction with video and tv content. By means of the app "Spott", viewers able to shop what they see in their television programs.


Description: Professional free and cloud-based video animation software. Project: Integrating automatic workflows for newsflashes in the newsroom.


Description: Making the digital world tangible. Project: Building a Jooki, a jukebox for children.


Description: The largest of Belgium's three mobile telecommunications companies. Project: Streaming 4K sports braodcast signals.


Description: A Belgian multinational and global display hardware manufacturer. Project: Processing 4K sports braodcast signals.


Description: Anomaly detection in logs. Project: With the integration of anomaly in the systems of VRT, we tried evaluating how the new machine learning technology could benefit the operational side of a broadcast system.


Description: The first unified platform for creative television makers. Project: Optimizing the workflow of the new tv-quiz 'De Allesweter'.


Description: Multi-camera video capture and production system enabling immersive broadcasting of complex events, at low operational cost. Project: Multicam recording.


Description: Live streaming mobile app. Project: Interactive app.

Extrema Noir

Description: Multi-angle video production in a driving car Project: Interactive app.



Description: Innovative technology consulting for business. Project: User-generated content cloud processing.

Big Industries

Description: Hadoop and Big Data IT consultancy for Belgium and Luxembourg - Cloudera and MapR Hadoop - reseller and system integrator. Project: Rule-based recommendation.


Description: Media Asset Management Software. Project: Metadata and entity extraction.


Description: Full Stack Monitoring of Containers and Microservices. Project: Cross-silo platform improvement.


Description: Online platform that drives measurable results for any video by introducing interactive elements that activate, engage and convert your audiences. Project: Interactive video.


Description: Developer of THEOplayer, the world's most comprehensive HTML5 based video player for streaming content on the web. Project: Video playback.



Description: To solve the storage and networking challenges faced by companies Project: Creating a reliable network transfer


Description: A cross-media production company Project: Immersive storytelling with small means


Description: Immersive media agency Project: VR storytelling


Description: Sensor Intelligence for Real-Time Context Project: User journey capturing trough mobile devices


Description: maximizing content strategies for big brands Project: Octoplus: impact analysis and action recommendation


Description: Independent ad server for publishers Project: Content behavior mapping using dynamic spaces