SandboxTV at IBC

SandboxTV at IBC

VRT is moving the VRT-EBU LiveIP Studio to IBC in Amsterdam. This, first in the world live television production studio that relies on IP, is paving the future. This studio was driven by VRT Sandbox and the EBU , and powered by a long list of partners.

VRT Sandbox, in collaboration with DataNews, Medianet Vlaanderen and innovative partners are taking the opportunity to make SandboxTV: a television show about Belgians in the media ecosystem.

Check it out daily at 14h from the 9th till the 13th of September. 

IBC TV to use the VRT-EBU LiveIP Studio at IBC 2016

IBC TV to use the VRT-EBU LiveIP Studio at IBC 2016

Belgian public broadcasting company VRT and European Broadcasting Union (EBU) announced today that IBC TV will be using the VRT-EBU LiveIP studio production set-up to shoot, edit and produce some of the programs covering the IBC 2016 conference and exhibition in Amsterdam, 8-13 September. IBC TV chose the LiveIP solution in light of the huge interest the industry has shown in IP and to demonstrate the encouraging possibilities of IP production. 

State of 4K: slides

State of 4K: slides

To get a better view on the current status of 4K in Belgium (and the Netherlands), VRT Sandbox joined forces with Medianet Vlaanderen to set up an open turn-out at VRT. It was an inspiring evening with talks, debate and burgers during the semi finals of European Championship. 

Here are the presentations of this event. Get in touch if you want to know more about VRT Sandbox, Medianet Vlaanderen and 4K/UHD for the industry.

Live IP goes Live!

Live IP goes Live!

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Belgian public broadcasting company VRT announced today that the fully IP-based live production set-up developed as part of VRT Sandbox LiveIP Studio project has been used for the first time yesterday for a live on-air broadcast. The set-up is being used for the live section of the VRT’s children’s channel, Ketnet. It will be used throughout the summer for live, outside broadcast on the channel.

Live IP wins first EBU award for Technology & Innovation

The recipient of the 2016 EBU Award for Technology & Innovation, the VRT Sandbox LiveIP Studio,  has launched a new age of convenience and flexibility in professional television programme production. In the future, the award will be given annually, based on an evaluation of factors such as impact and innovation. 

An IP and IT based studio, using open standards, has been built at the headquarters of VRT (the public service broadcaster for Flanders in Belgium).  It is a collaboration between VRT and EBU along with ten technology partners.   

Television is a complex business. For programme production we need to store, edit, and process images and sound. For many years, the equipment needed has been interconnected by myriads of fixed wires and connectors. The future will see extensive use of ‘Internet Protocol’ and IT technology in the studio, which will have many advantages.  The age of IP production has been launched with the building of an all IP broadcast quality live TV production studio. 

By creating a practical implementation, new technology could be tried out, and benefits evaluated.  Many important decisions will be made in the coming years by broadcasters across the world about the move to IP and IT programme production.  The world will have answers to many important questions thanks to this project.  

The principal individuals involved in the project included Mick De Valck (VRT), Karel De Bondt (VRT), Wouter De Cuyper (VRT), Michel de Wolf (Dwesam), Félix Poulin (EBU) and Willem Vermost (EBU) and staff of partner companies.  

Simon Fell, Director of EBU Technology and Innovation, said “This project is a major step forward for broadcasting, which will start a revolution in programme production infrastructure”.   Egon Verharen of NPO and Chairman of the EBU Technical Committee added:  “Supreme credit to VRT, the EBU, and all those involved – they deserve a big congratulations!”  

EBU, VRT Sandbox LiveIP Project shortlisted for IBC 2016 Innovation Awards!

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Belgian public broadcasting company VRT have announced that the Sandbox LiveIP Project has been shortlisted for the IBC 2016 Innovations Awards, in the Content Creation category.

The LiveIP Project is a multi-vendor system integration to showcase IP-based live broadcast production using open standards. The collaboration between EBU, VRT and a group of innovative industry partners sees the implementation of a live TV production studio at VRT’s premises in Brussels.

This multi-phase project, which culminated in a live multi-camera debate in March 2015, features a number of technology partners including Axon, Dwesam, EVS, Genelec, Grass Valley, Lawo, LSB, Nevion, Tektronix and Trilogy who provide all the elements of a live production chain driven by IP.

“The LiveIP project has been trail-blazing the adoption of IP and IT technology in live production, so the whole team is delighted that this effort has been recognized by being shortlisted for this award”, says Hans Hoffmann, Head of Media Fundamentals & Production at EBU. “We set out to explore whether the technology was mature enough, and have proved that a multi-vendor IP environment can potentially transform content creation. Along the way, we have learned a lot about standards, interoperability, and networks amongst others, all of which we are feeding back into the wider industry.”

The winners will not be announced until the IBC Awards Ceremony, at 18:30 on Sunday 11 September.