onze projecten 

Elk Sandbox-project heeft een eigen DNA. Ontdekken we een opportuniteit in de markt of binnen de VRT, dan gaan we op zoek naar de juiste match om een samenwerking op te starten. Een die werkt voor beide partijen en waar met we met een do-learn filosofie tot nuttige inzichten komen. 

Nu werken we onder andere rond interactieve video, actua in de klas, televisie over IP, en anomalie detectie.

Pow3D Design

Description: innovative design studio focusing on virtual reality and 3D environments
Project: helping in the proces of developping a new television show about Living.


Description: The first unified platform for creative television makers
Project: Optimizing the workflow of the new tv-quiz 'De Allesweter'.


Description: Europe's premium platform for Virtual Reality
Project: Finding more know how and insight in the publishements of VR vor broadcasters.


Description: DOOHapps is the world’s first interactive application store for the Digital-Out-of-Home and Retail industry.
Project: News and weather update to shops and restaurants


Description: Elastica is the leader in Data Science Powered™ cloud app security.
Project: A proof of concept of the Elastica technology in the VRT ecosystem.


Description: the next generation of video commerce
Project: Time-stamped products and brands in the video of Thuis and Dagelijkse Kost made shoppable via any smart device.


Description: Professional free and cloud-based video animation software
Project: Integrating automatic workflows for news flashes in the newsroom


Description: the largest of Belgium's three mobile telecommunications companies
Project: streaming 4K sports braodcast signals


Description: a Belgian multinational and global display hardware manufacturer
Project: processing 4K sports braodcast signals


Description: The Digital Production Hub For Creatives
Project: Optimizing the workflow of television production teams such as Loslopend Wild

LiveIP project

Description: award winning project pionering in Live IP television technology
Project: Innovation to the floor: supporting the broadcast of the summer show for European Championship.


Description: Anomaly detection in logs
Project: With the integration of anomaly in the systems of VRT, we tried evaluating how the new machine learning technology could benefit the operational side of a broadcast system.