Current collaborations


Solar Team KUL, Newtec, Network Innovations & Pacific Live Media

Match: VRT

A Big Congrats to the Solar team: they finished 3rd in a very exciting, nerve wrecking race! 
In the second week of October 2017, the Belgian "Punch Powertrain" team participated in the World Solar Challenge in Australia. Together with satellite and contribution specialists Newtech, NI and PLM, VRT Sandbox provided the technology that allowed the Solar team to broadcast a multicam "report of the day" Facebook livestream during the five day solar race, from the middle of the Australian desert. In the lead-up, we followed their exciting adventure and help out with media coverage.


Match: Canvas

Presenter Thomas Vanderveken takes on the challenge of learning an incredible difficult piece of piano music, which he will perform on the 7th December, accompanied by the Brussels Philharmonic. For this concert, he is still looking for an opening act. Those interested are able to send in videos of their personal musical challenges via a crowdsourcing platform that has been built by start-up Koalect. 281 people registered for the competition and countless videos have been sent in during this co-creation project.


Match: Imec, VDAB & Proximus

What’s in a word? Science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. To prepare the next generation for the technological and societal challenges of the future, the Steambox-project aims to introduce a more practical way of education with more room for experiments. The project entails collecting content on a certain topic during different workshops, demonstrations and presentations at an event in an educational box. By means of the technology inside, teachers are able to simulate the event in the classroom and challenge the students creatively and technically.

Thomas More

Match: VRT Sandbox

Will Virtual Reality survive its hype? How will lasting formats look of 360° video look like? The research department Memori at Thomas More aims to gather the various aspects of 360° video in a research project. VRT Sandbox is part of its user research group and will help in finding some answers during pilots and enquiries.


Match: Ketnet

Everything is moving into the cloud! Is this seemingly unstoppable trend also valid when it comes to the playout of VRT’s linear channels? Not only do we face the challenge of live broadcasts and adhoc interventions, we also have to deal with very complex playout schedules. We currently depend highly on an intensive layer of manual quality control. Will this still be feasible in the cloud? We took on this challenge with the guys from Veset and their Nimbus cloud playout software-as-a-service solution.



Match: Sporza

During the September 1st 2017 Diamond League sports event (Memorial Van Damme), Kiswe will offer 5 produced feeds via one OTT player on the Sporza website. This includes running, high-jumping, javelin throwing, long jumping and the main program. In the Kiswe player, you will be able to watch different streams at the same time, play Diamond League trivia games and read additional info about the competitions, such as times, rankings but also social media posts and more. This will create an "experience" that goes beyond classic OTT live streaming.

VRT Sandbox productions : Backpack multicam

Match: Sporza

We captured the 2017 Mechelen Manenblussers cycling race, an after-tour criterium race on the 29th of July, in a remote multicam production. 4 ENG cameramen, including one motorcycle cameraman, were equipped with a LiveU 500 cellular bonding device that sent the HD signal to a control room in VRT Brussels. In this control room, the show was produced, including color correction, synchronization and communication with the (much more mobile) cameramen on-site. Shorter build-up and break-down times, and a smaller, much more flexible on-site team can unlock the production of tier-2 sports that are left unbroadcasted for the moment.


Match: Ketnet

After a first successful collaboration with Muuselabs, during which a jukebox for children was created, Sandbox is now coordinating a second track. The goal is to create a jooki for children with a visual impairment. Content provided by Ketnet and will be placed on twenty jooki’s with fitting tactile components. Afterwards, these will be tested in three different environments.

Appiness, Setkeeper & Limecraft

Match: één

During a first track at VRT Sandbox, Appiness created an app called Spott, by which viewers are able to buy what they see on television. The app is now implemented with several programs on VRT. In a second track, Appiness aims to integrate the app with Setkeeper and create an automated workflow. The information gathered with the preparations for the production, such as clothing, will also be available in the app.


Past collaborations


Hack Belgium

Description: From the 4th of May till the 6th of May, Tour & Taxis was the location of a large-scale hackathon with as goal to build a better Belgium.

Project: As VRT Sandbox, we built our very own studio at the event, in which we captured the main insights and recaps of every day, while sharing innovating ideas with a larger audience.

Wolftech, Microsoft & VRT NWS

Description: By means of their Wolftech news tool, you are able to increase efficiency by managing stories over multiple platforms.

Project: Coordinating the news according to the different themes across the various brands.

IBM & Kanaal Z

Description: Speech recognition helps in determining the topic, while the concept detector in turn determines what can be seen: persons, objects, etc. By means of optical character recognition, you are able to detect which text is visible.

Project: Coordinating the news according to the different themes across the various brands.

UXprobe & VRT NWS

Description: UXprobe offers a software service that measures the User Experience of apps. It provides real-life customer-based insights that help companies understand their customers’ feelings and behavior in order to improve their app.

Project: With the renewal of the website of VRT NWS, UXprobe provided VRT NWS with an easy to use tool to manage use cases and survey questions by capturing vides of the users in the browser. Using UXprobe, VRT NWS gained a lot of time and was able to use the video material to stir up the conversation.


LiveIP project

Description: award winning project pionering in Live IP television technology

Project: Innovation to the floor: supporting the broadcast of the summer show for European Championship.

Pow3D Design

Description: Innovative design studio focusing on virtual reality and 3D environments.

Project: Building a 360° web videoplayer for the television program "" that allows visitors to look into the houses and interact with content.


Description: Europe's premium platform for Virtual Reality.

Project: Getting knowhow and insights when utilizing VR for broadcasters.


Description: DOOHapps is the world’s first interactive application store for the digital-out-of-home and retail industry.

Project: Receiving news and weather updates at shops and restaurants.


Description: The next generation of video commerce.

Project: Object recognition and interaction with video and tv content. By means of the app "Spott", viewers able to shop what they see in their television programs.


Description: Professional free and cloud-based video animation software.

Project: Integrating automatic workflows for newsflashes in the newsroom.


Description: Making the digital world tangible.

Project: Building a Jooki, a jukebox for children.


Description: The Digital Production Hub For Creatives

Project: Optimizing the workflow of television production teams such as Loslopend Wild


Description: The largest of Belgium's three mobile telecommunications companies.

Project: Streaming 4K sports braodcast signals.


Description: A Belgian multinational and global display hardware manufacturer.

Project: Processing 4K sports braodcast signals.


Description: Anomaly detection in logs.

Project: With the integration of anomaly in the systems of VRT, we tried evaluating how the new machine learning technology could benefit the operational side of a broadcast system.


Description: The first unified platform for creative television makers.

Project: Optimizing the workflow of the new tv-quiz 'De Allesweter'.


Description: Multi-camera video capture and production system enabling immersive broadcasting of complex events, at low operational cost.

Project: Multicam recording.


Description: Live streaming mobile app.

Project: Interactive app.

Extrema Noir

Description: Multi-angle video production in a driving car

Project: Multicam with small means



Description: Innovative technology consulting for business

Project: User-generated content cloud processing.

Big Industries

Description: Hadoop and Big Data IT consultancy for Belgium and Luxembourg - Cloudera and MapR Hadoop - reseller and system integrator

Project: Rule-based recommendation.


Description: Media Asset Management Software

Project: Metadata and entity extraction.


Description: Full Stack Monitoring of Containers and Microservices

Project: Cross-silo platform improvement.


Description: Online platform that drives measurable results for any video by introducing interactive elements that activate, engage and convert your audiences

Project: Interactive video.


Description: Developer of THEOplayer, the world's most comprehensive HTML5 based video player for streaming content on the web

Project: Video playback.


Description: To solve the storage and networking challenges faced by companies

Project: Creating a reliable network transfer


Description: A cross-media production company

Project: Immersive storytelling with small means


Description: Immersive media agency

Project: VR storytelling


Description: Sensor Intelligence for Real-Time Context

Project: User journey capturing trough mobile devices


Description: maximizing content strategies for big brands

Project: Octoplus: impact analysis and action recommendation


Description: Independent ad server for publishers

Project: Content behavior mapping using dynamic spaces