Together with Reality Matters we produced an AR experience for Ketnet. It was used at the Ketnet fanday. 

It almost sounds logic, after the VR rollercoaster last year, to develop an AR experience this year. You cannot underestimate how impressed children are with new media interactions like this, how natural they move within the digital environment.

Every year Ketnet organises a fanday at Bokrijk, a variety of activities are displayed in the open-air museum of Bokrijk. The domain is 5.5 square and Flanders' largest open-air playground. 

About eight thousand kids visit the Ketnet fanday every year.

One of the main challenges is to make a digital experience that moves all of our young visitors through the attraction without long waiting lines.

<-- The VR rollercoaster last year we made last year gave us a good idea how to set this up. 

Augmented reality has different outcomes to the end user that made it in one way more easy.   We choose to make a walkthrough where you get a tablet at the entrance of the attraction, this way, less handling was necessary then with the vr goggles last year.   The AR tooling is triggered by markers on the ground, so it was  easy for the user to spot where the next AR character could be seen.  At the same time it gave us less developing time, as we had a very tight deadline.
After a proof of concept was made inside VRT with the Vuforia plug in in Unity, we sat together with Reality Matters to see how we could add extra features.  We’d love to have a photo feature where you could capture yourself together with the digital character.


Off course the 3D assets should be linked with the Ketnet brand, the animated serie Suske and Wiske Junior was the perfect match with the scenery of the Bokrijk museum.  The 1960’s households looked like they were original made for the comic books.

Currently we are developing a follow up with the Kaatje brand, where we investigate of animated character could add to the experience.

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