VIDEO SNACKBAR serves the web creators of the VRT. We test new technology and set up pilots with enthusiastic web creatives. The results are shared so that everybody can learn from these pilots. Afterwards, we package the technology into usable kits that are available @ TOR, FONS and TEO.



Below is an overview of different categories of our video kits:


The next Video Snackbar meeting will take place on 09/03.

Mojo kits make video easy.

If you make webvideo on a regular basis, these kits are for built for you.

Multicam solutions focus on livestreaming with multiple camera's.

We have some portable light sets for interviews/vlogging:

Virtual reality productions online? Check this out...

Main agenda topics are:

  • Video Killed the Radio Star

  • The Making off California Love / Great! Britain

  • Vlogging by MNM and KLAAR

  • External speaker: YouTube vlogger Ignace Aleya

Detailed agenda on http://sandbox.vrt.be/videosnackbarnext

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