Year: 2016

(English subtitles available)

Partners: Canvas, Azilpix

AZilPix Studio.One is a multi-camera video capture and production system enabling immersive broadcasting of complex events, at low operational cost.

What did we do?

If you work in media innovation industry, you probably know Philippe Bekaert, a true pioneer. 

Philippe Bekaert is professor of computer science at the University of Hasselt and staff member of the Expertise Centre for Digital Media (EDM) in Diepenbeek, Belgium.
His research aims to create a new form of computer graphics which are not of synthetic 3D models, but the filmed reality. Omnidirectional ( “360” or “VR”) video is (just) a first step in that direction.
Attention is paid not only to the many fundamental issues that must be resolved before, but also to the realization of potential applications and the marketing thereof.

With his startup company Azilpix he captured and produced the grand finale of a show called ‘Thomas Speelt Het Hard’ with Canvas where the host Thomas tries to learn and play a classical concert in one years’ time. Canvas is the television channels of VRT that broadcasted this show in the beginning of 2016.

The setup of Azilpix makes it possible to organise a professional recording with little means. For smaller events like ‘Thomas Speelt Het Hard’ this is an interesting option. The production of the show counted 2 men (for this part of the show). The setup comes with a multi-camera video capture and production system.


1.    When you try to film a concert, you normally have a large crew. Multiple cameramen, an operator, a director, a soundguy… doens’t need all these people. You just place a number of hi-res cameras and that’s it.

2. from Azilpix isn’t really made for a live broadcast. It’s best used to capture a concert and then pick the images etc during montage. Since you have recorded everything in a very high resolution you can adjust your frame and other details afterwards during post production.

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