Year: 2018


At Buffl we believe that you should be rewarded for your time and efforts when completing surveys and sharing your opinion!


Buffl is a young startup only founded in January 2018. It helps companies with the design thinking process for new products and services. Buffl does this with an app where people can judge the designs and ideas of the company. We tried an app that allows the user to swipe Tinder-wise through content such as videos, audio, articles from different sources such as VRT NU, Netflix, StuBru,… Based on the previews of the ideas you can choose to save the content for later or swipe it away. It allows you to quickly ask a young communityof would be consumers their opinion and you’ll get an answer within a few days. If the users on Buffl give feedback on ideas and designs they receive feedback tokens which they can exchange for gift vouchers.


1. It speeds up the decisionmaking process

 Because the feedback of your future consumer is easily accesable. Assumptions and decisions can be made more quickly when building new ideas and products. All because of this data. The available feedback shortens the decisionmaking process. You need less meetings and internal discussions to make a decission that will shape future content and innovations.


2. Questioning your end-user will save you money and failure

While developping a new product or service, a lot of important choices are being made on gut- feeling. The risk of deciding on gut feeling is that with every decision you change the product or service to the point that your end user is not really interested anymore. It’s not what your user expected in the end.
If you are in the latter stages of development, chaging functionality of your product or service gets more and more expensive. These are very important reasons to engage with your potential user early-on as this will set you up to potentially fail early on where the damage is minimal.


3. Co-creation encourages ambassasorship.

When you engage with your user during development you create an emotional link between your product or service and the future user. This results in a higher level of interest when you launch your new service or product. This is because future users feel invested in the product or service because hey feel like co-creators. This also creates a higher level of buying interest.


4. Building an audience

At the moment of testing there were approximately 400 users in the app. After a first test we did they reached almost a 1000 users. Buffl managed to quickly build a vast and young audience: 77% are younger than 30 years old, 64% is younger than 25 years old, 50-50% man-woman audience, 65% are students.



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