Partners: VRT Radio Imaging, Dropbox

Dropbox Business is a file sharing package offered by Dropbox. As a client, you can use the app to securely share your files, sync them easily, and collaborate with your colleagues.

What did we do?

As VRT we make radio imaging for our own brands, such as MNM, Studio Brussel, Eén and Canvas.

Did you know that when they want to edit their work from home, they need to drag their hard disks all the way from work to home and back? With Dropbox business we want to seek how we can optimize that process. At the same time we investigate how the tool can help us to make it more easy to collaborate with each other, both with intern as extern customers from VRT. We also investigate if integration with our current systems as Sharepoint are possible.

VRT Radio Imaging was in need of a uniform way in which we can make everything accessible to everyone, anywhere and on every device in a quick and easy way, to make collaborations easier and to bundle all communication around our products.


  • If they wanted to make big steps forward, smart synchronisation on every platform is an absolute must

  • Giving feedback via the chat function is a big plus and convenient if multiple people are working on the same production

  • Simplicity = rest in the mind of the creatives


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