Year: 2018

Partners: VRT Communication, Influo

Helping brands & agencies to get the most out of Influencer Marketing.

What is Influo?

Influo is a startup that connects influencers with companies. They provide an end-to-end solution for brands and agencies. Working with influencers to promote your brand is a new way of advertising since the classic ways of advertising are losing ground. The number of people interested in influencer-marketing is growing. Online sales software ShowPad recently made an investment in Influo.

Influo allows you to discover and collaborate with high-quality influencers. Once your campaign is started you can optimize it by monitoring the analytics. Outside of the technology they also offer services that range from focused assistance to fully managed campaigns. There are multiple ways you can work with influencers: give your brand the attention it deserves, let influencers create content for you, let the influencers be brand ambassadors, find the right focusgroups through influencers, …

We define influencers as people who have an online network of at least 1000 followers. You can send the briefing destined for the influencers you work with to Influo and they will make sure it arrives at the right place. The financials are also taken care of. You only get one invoice and Influo takes care of the distribution of the money to the influencers you worked with.


We tested the tool with the VRT Communication department. They found the test very useful.

1.       Searching influencers was very easy and took less time.

2.       The analytics report afterwards gave them a lot of insights in the campaign.

3.       There was only one shortcoming, the influencers on the platform did not fully match the profile VRT was looking for.  VRT tries to spread very authentic content, something you need a specific type of influencer for.

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