Partners: Canvas, Koalect

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What did we do?

Presenter Thomas Vanderveken took on the challenge of learning an incredible difficult piece of piano music, which he then performed on the 7th December 2017, accompanied by the Brussels Philharmonic. For this concert, he was looking for an opening act. Those interested were able to send in videos of their personal musical challenges via a crowdsourcing platform that had been built by start-up Koalect. 281 people registered for the competition and countless videos had been sent in during this co-creation project.


  • Koalect adjusted their platform to the needs of this project. They guided the VRT in their communication by usingn the same techniques they used in other crowdfunding campaigns. Keeping the users invested for a whole year seemed to be the biggest challenge. But the registrations kept coming in, and after 10 months there still was a large group of participants active. The musicians received updates through email marketing, that way we created a community.

  • By using an online crowdsourcing platform, Canvas already reached out to big audiences even before the television program hit the air. With this project we proved it’s possible to create a bottom-up television show with user generated content. It engaged viewers in the production of the program.

  • This method can also help to kickstart independent journalism projects in the future.

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