Live weather

YEAR: 2019

(A video about our use case with Live Weather Views)

Partners: VRT WEER, LIve weather views

liveweatherviews.com provides immediate access to time-lapse videos from a range of cameras installed at locations you choose. Users may generate videos over particular time ranges,
with various bitrates and video qualities, and optionally watermark them with their own logos. 

What did we do?

VRT Sandbox challenged Frank Deboosere, one of the regular hosts of the VRT weather report. Could he find ways to reinvent the weather report? Enter Live Weather Views!

Live Weather Views is an Australian company. They place time-lapse cameras and provide immediate access to the videos themself. This way Frank Deboosere and the team behind the VRT weather report could enrich the report with time-lapse images of interesting developments in Belgian weather.


The integration of Live Weather Views into the software from VRT went smoothly and the product also proved to be reliable regarding crashworthiness. Even combined with complex software, Live Weather Views didn’t crash or buffer. Once in a while, a camera disconnected but Live Weather Views communicated that instantly through an automatically generated mail so that the weather department could act accordingly.

The system turned out to be good in what it offers: live time-lapses from the weather from different places and it was a nice addition to the weather report. However, after some deliberations, the product didn’t seem to fit into the concept of the VRT weather report, as their aim is to include more people in their forecasts while Live Weather Views is more focused on images showing nature.

Moreover, Live Weather Views is ideal to show changing weather conditions, where the weather in Belgium is reasonably stable. This limits the amount of time the timelapses can be used effectively.


1. You need a stable tool

Live Weather Views is a user-friendly, reliable and fast tool to generate live timelapses from different locations. Luckily their hard and software integrated perfectly with the VRT systems.

2. Belgian weather isn’t the most interesting

Live Weather views is ideal for changing weather conditions and extreme weather. However, Belgian weather is mostly stable so Live Weather Views couldn’t be used to its full potential.

3. it helps to define a clear use from the start

VRT Sandbox could improve its workflow by defining the scope even better at the start of the project. Right after receiving the software and cameras from Live Weather Views, there was a small moment of doubt about the specific use of it. However, that moment didn’t last long and we started implementing the timelapses into the live broadcast.


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