Increasing online traffic by custom content with Adhese

A pilot project was set up between Adhese and the VRT in a sandbox environment where innovative technology could be tested on the VRT’s existing online platforms.

The goal was to show that Adhese technology can be used for the targeted delivery of VRT content with the aim of increasing traffic to and among the various VRT websites. The reasoning behind this is that visitors receiving custom content – that they find to be relevant and/or interesting – are more likely to visit a website more frequently and stay there longer.


Preparatory phase: metrics

Before it started delivering targeted content, Adhese spent a month measuring data on the and websites with a view to gaining insight into the traffic and visitor behaviour on these websites. The ensuing metrics and accompanying reports were intended as a basis for hypotheses to be tested in a subsequent phase.

The data was measured through only one Adhese measurement tag placed on each of the two websites ( and Cross-platform and cross-device data measurements were performed, generating several specific, predefined parameters per visitor.

The results of this investigation were significant: the data that was measured showed, for example, that there are hardly any cross-pollination between visitors of and 


Formulating hypotheses

On the basis of the metrics and Adhese’s accompanying reports, several hypotheses for AB testing were formulated in consultation between Adhese, the VRT editorial teams involved and the data researchers at the VRT.

First test

In the first test, visitors who clicked on a humorous lifestyle article (Ook dat nog on or Opvallend on on Facebook (targeting by referrer) were divided into four test groups. Each of these test groups was given different content to view at a specific location on and

  • Group A: news article
  • Group B: an Ook dat nog lifestyle article
  • Group C: sports article
  • Group D: nothing

This content was specifically selected for this purpose by the editors of and and uploaded to Adhese.