Improve online user experience from the operational perspective

Optimizing the user experience by improving the latency of serving web pages from the server farm for websites and apps from This was the focus on starting a collaboration period with CoScale. Monitoring was setup to measure the operational efficiency of the platform and capture as many metrics as possible. During the period, actions and events of the business were taken into account. A call to action or unexpected success of content can influence the performance of the systems.

Ideally, abnormal behavior is detected by a monitoring system without having to setup and configure the specifications for what normal behavioral of a distributed architecture should look like. When impact occurs, changing the 'normal' behavior, ideally a monitoring system provides advice to take appropriate actions to return to an optimal environment for the end user. Together with CoScale, such a monitoring system was integrated to gather data from the production environment at VRT, with the following objectives:

  • Gain and share insights of operational metrics/insights/anomaly detection
  • Figure out how to optimize the web platform from load balancer to databases
  • Predict incidents and mitigate impact using predictive analysis
  • Improve flows, efficiency of the systems
  • Test cross-silo collaboration using the platform  (operations/devops/business)
  • Support the launch of a new Sporza native app

More info:

IT Operations Analytics at VRT