Storytelling for children with animated video

About Moovly

Moovly is a cloud-based digital media and content creation platform. This online platform allows everyone to create animated videos in just a few clicks. The Moovly founders want to democratise animated videos so that more and more people are able to create animated videos themselves. Today, Moovly is used by almost half a million people from all over the world.


The Sandbox Case

Moovly is all about creativity in multimedia. The potential projects or campaigns that can be built on top of the Moovly platform are very versatile. 

The key principle in the collaboration with VRT is to let TV audiences create new graphical video content in response to the broadcasted content (e.g. as part of creative contests, viewer participation campaigns, education projects…).


“We would like to brainstorm with creative directors to invent new ways to engage audiences of different nature to create TV-level content themselves – and to do something with that (publish, share, broadcast, participate in contests…).” Kim Boelens

With the Moovly platform, VRT powers young audience and dummy users with amazing graphical effects and multimedia features which they can use, control, manipulate and edit to build their own content. We would like to learn if and how close they can get to broadcast-quality (or broadcast-ready) content.

Who's involved?

Media, Karrewiet, VRT News