VRT Sandbox tries to handle 12 cases a year. What is a case? When we succesfully match one of the VRT brands to a startup company to validate their product. Want to find your case? Or are you interested in the startups we've collaborated with and what they do? Here you will find all our ongoing and past Sandbox cases!




current collaborations


Trendolizer & EzyInsights

Trendolizer and EzyInsights are news gathering tools. To test their products we gave it to two of our colleagues at VRT NWS who used the tools for about three months.

They tried to integrate these tools into their daily routine as journalists. The main focus of the test was to find out if these tools were an easy way to detect fake news while working on news articles.

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Influo is a startup that connects influencers with companies. They provide an end-to-end solution for brands and agencies.

Working with influencers to promote your brand is a new way of advertising since the classic ways of advertising are losing ground. The number of people interested in influencer-marketing is growing.

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How would it be, having live-data of your listeners, making a morning radio show? Together with Voizupp, our radio station MNM does the test in VRT Sandbox. 

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Metachat built a community platform for news tv-show PANO. After each show, the viewers were invited to join the chat and talk about the things that matter, for them.  

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live weather views

VRT’s weather department will be using Live Weather Views automatically generated time-lapse videos that can be customised with a few key clicks. VRT will provide user feedback and a list of features that will be of interest for LiveWeather Views.

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Azilpix is the company of Philippe Bekaert, a true pioneer in the innovation industry. With Azilpix he captured and produced the grand finale of Thomas Speelt Het Hard, a show on our tv station Canvas.

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Together with Reality Matters we produced an augmented reality experience for our VRT kids channel Ketnet. It was used at the Ketnet fanday.

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Buffl is an app that can be used in the design thinking process. It allows you to quickly ask a community their opinion.

We tried an app that allows the user to swipe Tinder-wise through VRT content.

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So image you want to make a radio show, say from an air balloon. What you could use is a full radio studio running on a simple laptop or tablet. That is exactly what On Hertz is.

During a 2 hour radio show from VRT radio station Radio 2 this software was tested. On Hertz proved to be a compact and stable solution. You can now make radio from anywhere!

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Can we use the blockchain technology to achieve a new manner for intellectual property payment?

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news in vr

‘De verhaaldoos.be’ wants to mobilize both the media and the general public to the ultimate interactive experience that Virtual Reality can bring. Did it work?

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360video Live Streaming Radio 1 

Match: Radio 1 - interne keuken 

Sit down at the table together with radio hosts Koen Fillet, Sven Speybrouck and their guests during VRT radio channel’s Radio 1 show Interne Keuken. An on location live radio broadcast. Join them and take a seat at the table! 

Together with the audio technicians of Interne Keuken we set up a live 360° video stream.

The studio is on location, hardware used was an Orah 360 camera and an older sound card which did the job for now (Edirol U-25), however Orah recommends newer devices on their site


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The goal is to create a Jooki, a jukebox for children with a visual impairment.

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Koalect built a crowdsourcing platform where people could register something they wanted to achieve for the opening act of Thomas Speelt het Hard.

A tv show where host Thomas Vanderveken tries to master a piano concerto in just one year.

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Match: Imec, VDAB & Proximus

What’s in a word? Science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. To prepare the next generation for the technological and societal challenges of the future, the Steambox-project aims to introduce a more practical way of education with more room for experiments. The project entails collecting content on a certain topic during different workshops, demonstrations and presentations at an event in an educational box. By means of the technology inside, teachers are able to simulate the event in the classroom and challenge the students creatively and technically.



Match: VRT radio imaging

As VRT we make radio imaging for our own brands, such as MNM, Studio Brussel, Eén and Canvas.

Did you know that when they want to edit their work from home, they need to drag their hard disks all the way from work to home and back? With Dropbox business we want to seek how we can optimize that process. At the same time we investigate how the tool can help us to make it more easy to collaborate with each other, both with intern as extern customers from VRT. We also investigate if integration with our current systems as sharepoint are possible.

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Match: Eén online

Selma.ai is a Flemish startup which works on data-driven targeting of content. Together with the online-team of Eén, we investigate how we can raise the click through-rate from Eén’s newsletter.

To be concrete the newsletter is made 50% redactional, while the other 50% is chosen by the artificial intelligence of selma.ai. The personalized data together with Selma.ai choses which articles you’ll get in your personalized newsletter.

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Match: Ketnet

Everything is moving into the cloud! Is this seemingly unstoppable trend also valid when it comes to the playout of VRT’s linear channels? Not only do we face the challenge of live broadcasts and adhoc interventions, we also have to deal with very complex playout schedules. We currently depend highly on an intensive layer of manual quality control. Will this still be feasible in the cloud? We took on this challenge with the guys from Veset and their Nimbus cloud playout software-as-a-service solution.

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