Can we engage children with VRT content?

With the climate summit taking place in Paris 2015, we made a short animation for the youth channel of VRT. It was used by Ketnet in the "Ketnet Swipe" show. Also Karrewiet - VRT’s youth news show - used this animation on their website. It looks like a normal animation video, but there is good story to tell about it.

The video was made on the Moovly platform as a part of a research track on how we can bring current affairs to the classroom. Moovly is in fact an open platform to create animations. This platform offers interesting opportunities for the production departments of media companies or broadcasters, but also for schools and teachers. Via this Moovly platform we were able to research on both ends of the media stream. Both the production flow as the engagement with the viewer.

The project started with a call in the schools on what video content they need for their lessons. It appeared to be there was a need for good video about current affairs in the classrooms. The friendly people of Moovly in Ghent helped us make this video in collaboration with VRT Nieuwsdients, Karrewiet en Ketnet. The assets were custom designed by the illustrator Thomas Vanhuyse. After the broadcast of the video we went back to the schools to co-create a version of this video together with the teachers and their students. By using Moovly we could not only create a feedback loop of insights, but also engage the children with the VRT content. It was exceptional to see how easy it was for them to work with the assets, create their own animation and what effect this had on their relation to the subject: climate change.

This is phase 1 of the project. Deeper research will be done in 2016. This was a project in collaboration with VRT Nieuwsdients, Karrewiet, Ketnet Moovly, Plantyn andVRT Sandbox.

You can see a short video compilation of the workshop here. 

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