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Partners: VRT Sandbox, Mediahuis, Nuntra

What did we do?

How great would it be if journalists could work with 360-degree video without the necessary coding skills? 360-degree video gives you the chance to bring more engaging stories in an interactive way.

Together with our partners Nuntra en Mediahuis we created ‘De’. This is an online platform where journalists can create and share 360-degree video without the need for a truckload of technical skills. The platform tries to mobilize both the media and the general public to the ultimate interactive experience that virtual reality can give.

“De" was selected by the evaluation committee of the Department of Culture, Youth and Media as an innovative journalistic project. This initiative from Minister of Media Sven Gatz was aimed to support initiatives that focus on sustainable future-oriented (digital) innovation that not only benefits the sector, but also the public.

What did we test?

We gave journalists the opportunity to develop a story on “De”. In the end we had two stories on the platform. The next step was to see how we could educate journalists to make the creation process easier. Unfortunately did the case end before we could start this.

We did we learn?

Interactivity is very valuable when combined with 360-degree video. It creates more engagement between the viewer and the story. The viewer can have a say in the story.

It’s very important to keep the platform as simple as possible. No need for complex coding and technical knowhow to get your video just right. You save time and even inspire if you give the creator the tools to make a video interactive and to add graphical elements without difficult steps.

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