Phase 2 Dry-run: 4 camera multicam

On wednesday the 14th of October we did a successfull dry-run of the now 4 camera's over IP capable LiveIP studio.

Over the last few weeks, barely recovered from a fantastic IBC experience, we've been working hard on integrating the new vendors and devices in the LiveIP studio (EVS XT3, Trilogy intercom and Genelec AES67 capable speakers, Lawo V-line) and on redesigning our OpenFlow SDN controlled network by Nevion so the LiveIP studio can comfortably work with 4 GV LDX camera's over IP using SMPTE2022-6. 

We've implemented a "spine-leaf" network architecture, with an overall 40Gb/s bandwith in all directions, which is enough for the 1,5Gbs per 1080i50 HD videostream.

We only had a few issues during this dry-run with... bnc connections :)

Mid november we will do the actual recording, which gives us a month to further improve our LiveIP studio.

Karel De BondtComment