Re-Live the Live IP Live debate

On March first 2016, we broadcasted a live webcast directly from the VRT Sandbox LiveIP studio.

The 60 minute multi-camera debate, produced entirely using IP technology featured Mrs Brigitta Nickelsen, Director of Business Development at Radio Bremen, Mr Mick De Valck, Director of technology and operations of VRT, Mr Charlie Cope, Technical Executive at BBC Sport and Dr Hans Hoffmann, Senior Manager at EBU Technology and Innovation. Hosted by Mr Ben Roelants, they shared their user perspectives on the transition to live IP production in front of an audience comprising of industry experts and commentators.

You can rewatch it here!

The LiveIP Project is a collaboration between the VRT, the EBU and a group of innovative Broadcast Technology partners. The objective is to build and operate a Live TV production studio with state of the art IP-based and IT-centric hardware and software. 

Technology partners: AxonDwesamD&MSEVSGenelecGrass ValleyLawoNevionTektronix and Trilogy.