State of 4K: slides

The two biggest trends according to Karel De Bondt, our envoy at NAB this year, were Live IP and 4K. “You had the impression 4K was the new defacto format, with several companies already displaying 8K technology” says Karel. The matter of fact is that, today, 4K or UHD is not the default format at all. On the contrary. But there are interesting experiments with 4K in our local broadcast industry. At VRT Sandbox for example we have set up successful cases with file based workflows and live streaming of 4K.  

 18:00 Inkom & drinks
 18:30 Welcome by Medianet & VRT Sandbox
 18:35 4K at VRT: Live with Barco & file based with Limecraft
 19:00 Frank Van Dun: Encoding & 4K/HDR -Proximus
 19:10 Dolf Schinkel: 4K bij KPN
 19:25 Caspar Wiegel: 4K Akamai, Accelerated ingest and hybride con- and distribution
 19:40 Break
 19:50 Debate: 4K, the next step?
 20:30 Conclusion
 20:40 Netwerking, food & drinks
 21:00 PORTUGAL - WALES in 4K and HD. 

To get a better view on the current status of 4K in Belgium (and the Netherlands), VRT Sandbox joined forces with Medianet Vlaanderen to set up an open turn-out at VRT. It was an inspiring evening with talks, debate and burgers during the semi finals of European Championship. 

Here are the presentations of this event. Get in touch if you want to know more about VRT Sandbox, Medianet Vlaanderen and 4K/UHD for the industry.



Karel De Bondt (VRT) gave a short introduction to the two 4K cases VRT Sandbox has been working on over the past months. With the help of the technology of Limecraft we were able to make the production 'Loslopend Wild' in 4K. And together with KPN, Proximus and Barco Karel has set up a test with 4K live streaming of the Euro 16 opening game. 


After the short introduction of Karel, Frank Van Dun from Proximus gave a useful introduction to 4K / UHD and what it means for broadcasters. He also explained the setup for the streaming of Euro 16 at VRT.


At KPN they have been testing 4K broadcasting on a larger scale. Dolf Schinkel explained why and how KPN is investigating in 4K technology. He also focussed on the added value of 4K on the long term for KPN and the customer.


From theory to reality. Robert Sonneville showed the audience how exactly Limecraft helps organisations like VRT to optimise their workflow and why moving to 4K should not mean a big invest in time and technology.