5 Startups to pitch at EBU

For the third year in a row we were invited by the EBU to introduce a couple of interesting startups from Belgium. Appiness, Froomle, Eeyou, Tinkerlist and Muuselabs presented their products and solutions in a short pitch at the EBU innovation theatre.

  • Appiness: introducing Spott, a mobile app offering the next generation of video commerce. 
  • Froomle: based on groundbreaking research from University of Antwerp, Froomle offers a data science driven personalisation engine. 
  • Eeyou's ambition is to build a platform for premium VR content. They focus on Broadcasters from the EU. 
  • Tinkerlist is a unified platform for creative television makers. You could call it the iNews for entertainment shows.
  • Muuselabs mission is to make the digital world tangible. They introduced "Jooki", the juke-box for kids. A no-screen connected audio speaker.


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