Hack Belgium with VRT Sandbox

On the 4th, 5th and 6th of May, the event Hack Belgium takes place in the Tour & Taxis in Brussels. What does this entail? About 1000 people from different fields coming together with the goal of building a better Belgium. Agriculture, health, mobility, economy… You name it, there is no challenge left out. As VRT Sandbox, we are engaged in co-writing the story of media in the future.

Imagine three days for developing solutions to Belgium’s most crucial challenges. That is the approach of the large-scale hackathon event Hack Belgium. One of these 14 challenges involves the preferred unsensational media. How do we fight fake news and answer the questions of a digital age? The media workshops at Hack Belgium tackle how technology reshapes our interaction with information and the quest for truth and sustainable business models. During these workshops, our very own Tim Verheyden and Fredo De Smet will guide hackers through the maze of media madness.

In addition, the media studio of VRT Sandbox will capture interviews with attendees to collect valuable ideas and insights at the event.

Interested in hacking Belgium with us? Tickets are available via http://www.hackbelgium.be/get-tickets/

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