Thinking outside the STEAMbox

STEAMBOX. Science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics, themes that can be found in a box. Or more specifically: a box that prepares you for the technological and scientific challenges of the future. In 2016, the STEAMbox project started at VRT Sandbox to introduce more room for experimenting in the classroom. Since then, the team has been developing and testing the box. Last Wednesday, 18 students and 3 teachers received the challenge to build interactive stairs, by means of the content and tools of the box. Challenge accepted and a lot of feedback gained!

Want to know what it looked like? Watch our latest #vrtforward vlog (DUTCH):


In order to develop a STEAMbox, the team firstly organizes an event with presentations, workshops and demonstrations on a certain theme. During the event, they make media about it, which they collect in a box. With the tools of the box, teachers and students can afterwards simulate the experiments of the event. Last week, students were able to test out the box and build stairs with sound and light by means of a Raspberry Pi, Arduino and MakeyMakey.

The STEAMbox project is aimed at people of all ages. After testing out different boxes and themes, the team will connect with schools to systematically challenge students’ creativity and knowledge.

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