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Media Honeypot and YLE introduce us to the cold north

A visit to Media Honeypot ( ) and YLE, the public broadcaster, brought me to Helsinki.

Media Honeypot started on Wednesday with an opening night. Colleague Judy from BBC was there too and that made the entrance a little easier. I spoke with many people, including the EBU technical committee who went to Helsiki to attend Media Honeypot and for their meeting Friday at YLE. They all turned out to be friendly, interesting people from across Europe. I could not resist and took the opportunity to ask if I could pitch my project to their group that Friday. Check! It was late when we arrived at the hotel again and I could start preparing this unexpected presentation.

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Sandbox goes Europe!

5 European research projects have been approved for funding by the European Commission! One of these projects is called MediaRoad and it focuses on transforming the current approach at VRT Sandbox into a replicable model, allowing for the growth of a European network and a strong innovating European media industry. 


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Back to Creative Circle V

Creating new content, improving workflows and engaging the community. That is what Creative Circle V was about. We are glad to have welcomed all of you and are looking forward to new collaborations! In case you missed it, there was also a junglebox for demo's by our startups.

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Hack Belgium with VRT Sandbox

On the 4th, 5th and 6th of May, the event Hack Belgium takes place in the Tour & Taxis in Brussels. What does this entail? About 1000 people from different fields coming together with the goal of building a better Belgium. Agriculture, health, mobility, economy… You name it, there is no challenge left out. As VRT Sandbox, we are engaged in co-writing the story of media in the future.

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