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LiveIP Studio Project wins IBC 2016 Innovation Award

So, yes. We won a an Innovation Award at IBC. We, that is the collective of partners that participated in the Live Ip Project. Not only the technology - Live shows over IP - has been rewarded. Also the innovation - open and collaborative - was part of the reward. Needless to say this means a lot for the VRT, the EBU and for us, VRT Sandbox. 

This is the official press release.

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SandboxTV at IBC

VRT is moving the VRT-EBU LiveIP Studio to IBC in Amsterdam. This, first in the world live television production studio that relies on IP, is paving the future. This studio was driven by VRT Sandbox and the EBU , and powered by a long list of partners.

VRT Sandbox, in collaboration with DataNews, Medianet Vlaanderen and innovative partners are taking the opportunity to make SandboxTV: a television show about Belgians in the media ecosystem.

Check it out daily at 14h from the 9th till the 13th of September. 

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IBC TV to use the VRT-EBU LiveIP Studio at IBC 2016

Belgian public broadcasting company VRT and European Broadcasting Union (EBU) announced today that IBC TV will be using the VRT-EBU LiveIP studio production set-up to shoot, edit and produce some of the programs covering the IBC 2016 conference and exhibition in Amsterdam, 8-13 September. IBC TV chose the LiveIP solution in light of the huge interest the industry has shown in IP and to demonstrate the encouraging possibilities of IP production. 

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