who do we serve?

The Video Snackbar serves the digital creatives @ VRT who make online video. At this is a diverse group with different needs, we can not support everybody in the same way.

Therefore, we identified four groups/activities. Our ambition is to develop initiatives that are tailored to the needs of each group.



You are the people who make VRT online video today. These video's are typically low budget / short productions (1-3min).

Most of you do not have a formal video training. Just like the majority of all digital web creatives, you are self trained.


In short: you could make online video but you don't.

Most of you are experienced storytellers. To date, you are not ready to experiment with digital video: not to tell your story nor to promote it on the web.


Multicam Projects

If you are an Indie videomaker, you most likely set up occasional livestreams to cover events. These projects are typically longer productions with a multicam setup. They require a larger team effort and often involve cooperation with our TV production teams.


Indie PRO

As an experienced Indie video creator, you may look at making a more ambitious online project. That makes you a potential Indie Pro video creator. California Love (StuBru) comes to mind as an inspiring example.

Or you may be working for TV today, brewing on a personal project and look at the web as your main delivery channel. 4*7 (Canvas) did introduce us to a number of Indie Pro creatives at VRT.


These categories reflect our perspective and guide our efforts. But if you make online video for VRT and you do not recognise yourself in one of the categories, we would very much like to hear that. In short: we need your feedback! In that case, please get in touch (frank.ostyn@vrt.be or karel.debondt@vrt.be).