The Video4All kits are built for people who do not make video on a day to day basis. With these kits, everybody can make video for our social media or online news pages.


Video 4 all kit

The Video 4 All kit is built for non video specialists around the Canon XC15 camera. You can easily make video, shoot and record perfect audio via two xlr inputs. This is the ideal device for journalists or sound technicians who want to make web video. 


Mojo kit

With the Mojo Kit you make short contributions with your own smartphone for the news.


G7X Vlogging kit

Do you want to start vlogging? With the Vlogging kit you can get on the street like that. And if you want to vlog in a mobile studio before, we'll help you with a ring light. That makes lighting easy and that way you can completely focus on your vlog.